There, a group of men associated by the force and the only defense the past.

And we can not thank the organizers who, for a job that delegates do not always realize it, strove to welcome in Brest and to work a thousand comrades. *** The issue arose during the year whether we should not close our windows to avoid being overwhelmed by a difficult crowd to lead and guide. It is our Congress as our classes; there are effective limits beyond which the performance of our efforts may be compromised.

We record at least the incessant influx of new and young, as living proof of the success of our teaching. We will try to meet the obligations imposed on us this success. We will only say to newcomers: – After the formal meeting which brings together for the start all participants, you will be at home
in this Congress.

We’ll present experiments, tools, and techniques, we do it impose any creed, we would be happy even on the road that we have open, forty years ago, and is now cleared and passable, you can go further than us to continue our work. We do not believe alone hold the truth, this truth we scrutinize the constantly with maximum objectivity and fairness; we try to be, in the words of a contemporary writer, “heads researchers.” For the success of this ongoing research, the key is that you keep looking towards the future, and you know resist the insidious appeal of the routine that strives to bring back to the fold the lost sheep when dare to deviate from the beaten track, and look, above and beyond par- barriers, promising greens nature’s call.

On this new route, our Congress are like a family break you soon feel the warmth and friendship, the work we have undertaken presupposes a climate of sensitivity and trust that you will find here the first fruits. To you to work then that is hastened a new dawn. A year has passed since we were in Annecy point of the state and the form of our pedagogy. This point, we begin again every year for thirty years. Every year we change any part of our bodies or we innovate with new creations.

Therefore , our movement remains as a major project which is not always clear up the walls and framing. Some would prefer that we establish clearer standards that would establish, for the present and for the future Method Freinet, as the writings of the Doctor had fixed forever the Montessori Method. This crystallization may appear as simple and relaxing to some followers, but doing this, we would no longer be a movement that, by nature, is moving forward.

We would be a failed movement, whose players tired sit by the roadside to criticize and restrain those who would pretend to exceed them. “Everything is written Chardin TeiIlard, as if a powerful new ridge rose through the land of souls, intersecting all the old categories and bringing jumble, on each of its sides, opponents and friends of yesterday. On one hand, the rigid and sterile vision of a universe consisting of invariable parts and juxtaposed to each other, enthusiasm, worship, the contagion of a living truth that is built from any action and all will.

There, a group of men associated by the force and the only defense the past. Here, a confluence of neophytes, sure of their truth, and strong in their understanding, they feel final and complete. ” The basis of our teaching, there is the essential idea that the world around us and therefore the family, constantly changing; no education is inconceivable that integrates with the rhythms of life and the children and citizens of tomorrow can not be prepared by the tools and methods of the past.

This is not teaching how to splint oxen to plow that prepares children to drive a tractor tomorrow. “We can not rest on our achievements, written Pauwels. We must respond to the acceleration by an acceleration of cerebralization and creative imagination. We must respond by all means to the appetite of cultivation and processing. We must do everything to raise the most possible minds to the idea of ??change.

It is not only quantitative changes, it is also changing qualitatif? it comes to change in conscious state “(1). And “All forms of life that can not stand the change must disappear,” said the Hindu sage Shri Aurobindo. These are notions of common sense that teachers and parents should be particularly sensitive.

We do not know by what monstrous conception one can imagine that this sense is not valid for the problems of education and that could, in this area, prepared by traditional methods bold new buildings. There would be a whole book to write and spread to show that the usual solutions of the School are 80% retrograde and therefore harmful and that their activity increases progressively as the gap increases to between School and environment.

As the convoys on the roads going at the pace of a horse trotting charabancs and procedures normally involved in a rhythm of life that had its reason for being. There was no drama Traffic. The drama is born of accelerating the speed of the cars that do more accommodated Enduring trotting horse. Most road accidents are caused today by overtaking, that is to say by the differences in travel speed.

All automakers drivers know the trouble of traffic jams created by the trucks. Still happening on the descent! But the climbs are exhausting to the point that some circuits are reserved for trucks. The school today is one of those trucks, behind which cars, in second, are impatient and honking. The engines clog and heat, overtaking trials are likely to be fatal, traffic would become impossible if a straight line only allowed occasionally a stealth release.

Trampling School earned us the same catastrophic traffic jams. Life pushes the child. The bike, the car, the plane, give him wings. Travel and television opened wide her enchanting and wonderful universe that leaves far behind the tables and manual mechanical delaying 50 years. And that’s why, at the school, the child must champing at the bit, suppress his impulses, stop life.

This inevitably results from complex and mishandling an objective analysis should allow us to detect. *** The one who speaks what is called euphemistically, the benefit of age. After half a century, it can bring you today the living experience of this shift. In this new century, therefore, we liked the same school when she was ultra-traditional, because it was responding to a need.

We had at the time, in our village, no element of culture or education. We still saw no newspaper or magazine; the catalog of the Ladies of France symbolized our first contact with art, and Vertu price of our library the first ersatz literature. We felt then to read and describe the same kind of exhilaration we felt when we were galloping on our ass or the horse tram was taking turns at breakneck speed.

For us the school was then in life; it was an outstanding element of this life, even with its severe discipline and hard of a time that had also not yet known democratic progress gradually changing relationships between men. But what comparison is possible between the child I was there 60 years ago and the one that nowadays has traveled the world by car or by plane and by magazines, movies, TV, everything seen and heard what was once unknown to us the unfathomable.

It is unthinkable that we can teach and educate today’s children according to the practices of it 50 years ago. The School of formerly enriched us and we stood in a medium that was hers and ours, the School today claims to bring children back to infancy that exasperate. You convince them authoritatively that everything they know, everything they saw, what interests them is unnecessary and wrong – what they do not believe the way.

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